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Amsterdam has many features, like the city center, with its medieval infrastructure, surrounded by the 17th century Grachtengordel (the Canal District), which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010. Amsterdam has the River Amstel and the former Sea Bay The IJ, with the Oostelijke Havens, the 19th century Ports. Behind the Oranjesluizen (locks) is the IJmeer, which once was the Southersea. The Northsea Canal leads along the modern Westport area towards the Northsea. Across the IJ is Amsterdam-Noord, and the park like scenery of Waterland, where the waterlevel of the lakes, creeks and canals is almost as high as the landlevel.

All these waterways give an excellent opportunity for paddling. A real Kayak Paradise!


Amsterdam Kayak offers the possibity for guided tours and expeditions. We are working on a fleet of Folding and Skin-on-Frame kayaks, to accomodate small groups of paddlers on day trips in and around the city. With 3 million tickets sold every year the City cruisers are a main touristic attraction in the Netherlands. But in a kayak the experience is uncomparable, we can take routes where no other boats come, because of the very low bridges. And we can stop where ever you want, for a better look or to shoot some photos. Amsterdam is the home of a vast variety of waterways and with a kayak we will find many interesting and green routes traversing the city and the outskirts.

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